Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend Warmers

5 Days of Blog - Day 5

Firstly, thanks to Thousand Threads for being quote the starter motor to my inspiration machine unquote. I pledge my weekend to some customization in honor of her wonderful teachings so that next week you can learn a little more about who I am, where I hail from and what I'm rabbiting on about.

Apart from doing those all-importants, my weekend will see me taking in the textiles as Tessuti welcome us to their new(ish) Melbourne showroom and Ink & Spindle open up their studio.

I highly recommend you do the same and stock up for all the crafty projects you'll be starting in those winter weekends ahead.

Images via Tessuti

Images via Ink & Spindle

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm rarely one for Sydney-envy but occasionally there's an event that catches me and makes me swear under my breath. The launch of the light show this week was one of those times. Ever since I saw the Chartres en Lumières (a few pics below) I've been daydreaming designs for light installations all over Melbourne. I won't be happy until I've at least the REB and St Pauls lit up like a techicolour paradise.

In the budgetry meantime I might just treat myself to a nostalgic visit to Chartres in September.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sense And Sensuality

5 Days of Blog - Day 3

Issue 8 of Acne Paper is due out soon. I've subscribed for the past 12 months and it is definitely one of the more sophisticated fashion publications out there. Insightful articles, impressive interviews and luscious photography. From what I can gather, issue 8 will focus on eroticism.

Can't wait to see it.

image via Refinery 29

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Timely Reminder

In April this year, Cool Hunting teamed up with Behance and held the 99% Conference which brought together a bunch of inspirational creatives to discus the processes involved in bringing ideas to life. I didn't go (it was in NYC) but I've been reading bits of the pre and post release material.

The video released this week by the guys at Cool Hunting takes a glance at the relationship between personal and professional work - something that has been on my mind with starting this blog. I thought it served as a timely reminder that if you have a great idea, you don't need to wait for a suitable professional application to put it out there. And that following through on your ideas in your personal pursuits still helps you grow professionally.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pretty In Pixels

5 Days of Blog - Day 1

Emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design has just released images of their new design for The Sugamo Shinkin Bank on the outskirts of Tokyo, scheduled to open late next month.

This opening marks the most recent example of designers finding fresh inspiration from the simple square. Their current 5 month showroom exhibition for the Nakagawa Chemical CS Design Centre is another impressive display of pixel inspired design.

There have been some great designs over the past 12 months that have incorporated this point of inspiration. Tord Boontje's Digital Memories furniture designs for Bisazza were released in Milan just this month while pixel inspired projects by the highly influential Cristian Zuzunaga have been making an impact for over a year now. I photographed the stunning installation he did for Elizabeth Leriche at Maison et Objet in January.

I also drew upon this in the theme Just Like Little Ants in my recent project with designEX 2009, Observatory. Pixellation was a key influence cited along with that of maps and new technology in navigation, the city as motif, networks and circuitry and 3D geometric designs. Triga kindly sponsored the backdrop to this theme - a 6x2.7m pre-pigmented textile banner with my pixellated Melbourne cityscape design.

I zoomed in on some areas to the point of complete distortion which helped communicate the colour palette and also tied in with my ongoing interest in how the likes of Google Earth and our new freedom to zoom in and out on our world/lives/patterns is influencing design.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glad you could make it

I love a good entrance. Though admittedly I lack the finesse to execute them at will. So by way of leaving this task to those who do it best I will assume my more usual role as host.


By the looks of things you’re one of the first to arrive. Grab a drink and make yourself at home. Design is on the way. Art and Life have done the usual faux pas and have worn the same dress. Fashion will be late.

The occasion? Your host at New Black is throwing a blog in celebration of creatures of culture. A house party in honour of the designers, the artisans, and all the wonderful creative people who can take an idea, frock it up and hit the town.

To the people whose work I bring together on this site, my admiration and sincere thanks.
I’m glad you could make it.