Monday, May 25, 2009

Pretty In Pixels

5 Days of Blog - Day 1

Emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design has just released images of their new design for The Sugamo Shinkin Bank on the outskirts of Tokyo, scheduled to open late next month.

This opening marks the most recent example of designers finding fresh inspiration from the simple square. Their current 5 month showroom exhibition for the Nakagawa Chemical CS Design Centre is another impressive display of pixel inspired design.

There have been some great designs over the past 12 months that have incorporated this point of inspiration. Tord Boontje's Digital Memories furniture designs for Bisazza were released in Milan just this month while pixel inspired projects by the highly influential Cristian Zuzunaga have been making an impact for over a year now. I photographed the stunning installation he did for Elizabeth Leriche at Maison et Objet in January.

I also drew upon this in the theme Just Like Little Ants in my recent project with designEX 2009, Observatory. Pixellation was a key influence cited along with that of maps and new technology in navigation, the city as motif, networks and circuitry and 3D geometric designs. Triga kindly sponsored the backdrop to this theme - a 6x2.7m pre-pigmented textile banner with my pixellated Melbourne cityscape design.

I zoomed in on some areas to the point of complete distortion which helped communicate the colour palette and also tied in with my ongoing interest in how the likes of Google Earth and our new freedom to zoom in and out on our world/lives/patterns is influencing design.

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